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The company MultiSynTech developed tools for peptide and combinatorial chemistry and automated synthesis.
Our synthesis machines are used for the parallel synthesis on solid phase, as well as for the chemical in solution.
The multiple, fully automated robotic synthesizer Syro be used in  large areas of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry as well as in  university research for the synthesis of peptides and compound libraries of small molecules.
For applications that require a large number of peptides with only small  amounts of substance, we have developed the Tip- synthesis module that  can be mounted on the synthesizers in a jiffy. In cooperation with leading manufacturers of chemicals, we have built a  range of peptide reagents that offers our customers both quality and  price advantages. Furthermore, we have the applications inert gas elimination of the  synthetic products as well as heating at high temperatures developed.
A variety of laboratory equipment and chemicals, they are also found here.




News* Syro Heating Blocks


Parallel Peptide Synthesis at Elevated Temperatures

The new Syro heating blocks and heating plates accessories for the Syro range of fully automated peptide synthesizers, enables the  heating of multiple peptides in parallel.






 Parallel Peptide Synthesizer


Syro I and Syro II peptide synthesizer are the perfect choice for demanding Peptide Synthesis Applications.

Digital syringe pumps enable exact dispensing of all reactants with microliter precision. Optimal mixing of the reactants is provided by a variable speed vortex mixer. This guarantees the best synthesis results in terms of yield and purity while minimizing waste and costs. The modular construction offers the greatest flexibility of reaction vessels and storage containers for amino acids and reagents. Different reactor blocks with 24, 48 or 96 positions allow for parallel synthesis of peptides in a range from 1–300 μmol in each reaction vessel. The Syro I system is configured with one reactor block and the Syro II can be configured with two reactor blocks for maximum throughput and productivity.

Syro XP software controls the instrument functions and calculates all amounts and volumes of amino acids and reagents required. Each cycle of the synthesis can receive a completely different protocol. This flexibility allows not only single or multiple couplings, but also complete freedom in the choice of coupling strategies within any synthesis cycle.

Preactivation of the amino acids can be performed for all the synthesis cycles or just for individual ones. The amino acids can be activated in parallel or individually directly prior to their distribution.

The Tip Synthesis option is designed for applications that require large numbers of peptides in small quantities (1–5 μmol). Each Tip Synthesis Module can be used to synthesize up to 96 peptides at a time. Each peptide is synthesized in a 0.4 ml tip with PE frit where accurate dispensing of reagents is essential. The Syro I system can accommodate 1 Tip Synthesis Module, and the Syro II system can accommodate 3–6 modules, allowing up to 576 peptides to be made at the same time.

Syro I is equipped with one type-U reactor block that can accept 2, 5 and 10 ml reactors. An infinitely variable vortexer guarantees an optimal mixing of the reactants.

Digital injection pumps enable dosing with microliter precision and user-friendly software allows all technical possibilities of the robot to be easily implemented.

The modular construction offers great flexibility with respect to the number and size of the storage and reaction containers. Optionally, all storage containers for reagents and reactors can be equipped with the capability to work under inert gas.

  • News*

    Syro Heating Block

    Parallel Peptide Synthesis at Elevated Temperatures
    The new Syro heating blocks and heating plates accessories for the Syro range of fully automated peptide synthesizers, enables the  heating of multiple peptides in parallel.
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