The semi- automatic synthesizer
is conceived for the multiple synthesis of peptide.


It is equipped with a U-type reaction block which carries
24 x 2ml/5ml or 10ml reactors.
Depending on the reactors the resin scale can be varied from 5 to 200 ┬Ámole.
Seven different solvents and reagents can be pumped into the reaction flask via an eight-way valve. A digital syringe pump provides for an exact dosage of the liquids.
Via a special dosing plate the reagents and solvents are distributed simultaneously into the reactors.
The infinitely variable Vortexer guarantees a homogeneous mixing of the reactants.
The reactors are emptied by vacuum into a 10 liter waste bottle. The SAM controls an external vacuum pump for this purpose.


Flexibility and User-friendliness

All important system control functions can be used directly in manual mode without a long familiarization period with the complicated control software. Complex single step sequences are linked to a single key command.
Complete syntheses-cycles can be processed automatically by linking up to 20 key commands to a program sequence. Ten of these individual programs can be saved on the SAM and remain available to the user.



The SAM controller is equipped with an LCD display with 40 x 16 characters as well as six function keys. This is used for single commands and the creation and execution of complex programs


  • Compact footprint
  • Cost-effective
  • Variable synthesis scales
  • Digital syringe pumps enable precise


  • Shaker 30-300 rpm
  • Liquid sensor
  • Sprinkler head
  • Reaction vessel
  • Vacuum-Pump ME2C
  • 10 L waste bottle


  • Start up screen
  • General function keys
  • System settings
  • Programming menu
  • Menu for manual operation

Optional Accessories

  • Glass reactors with glass frit



  • SAM specification

    Specification of multiple semi-automatic peptide synthesizer SAM


     Plastic Box

     Digital syringe pump

    Syringe size 10ml

    8-way valve 4 outlet ports and 4 reagents/solvents ports

    Vortexer 24VAC , 100 - 600 rpm

    Reaction Block U-Typ 24 positions

    Dispansing plate

    3-way teflon valve

    2-way PP-valve optional for house vacuum

    Power supply 24 VAC, 150 W

    Solid state relais

    Power 110 - 220 VAC

    Reaction vessel

    PP-reactors with PE-frit

    Reactor size 2ml, 5ml, 10ml

    Synthesis scale between 0,05 and 0,3 mmols


    Vacuum membrane pump ME2 C NT

    Nalgane vacuum waste bottle 10L



    C-Display with 40 x 15 characters

    10 program files with 20 steps

    automatic fill and wash procedures

    manual mode

    Power requirements

    Input voltages: 110-220 VAC +/- 10%

    Power supply 24 VAC max. 150 W



    (w) 540 mm, (d) 250 mm, (h) 345 mm

    (w) 21.26 inch, (d) 9.84 inch, (h) 13.58 inch


    (w) 195 mm, (d) 65 mm, (h) 170 mm

    (w) 7.68 inch, (d) 2.56 inch, (h) 6.69 inch

  • SAM Grafic

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